Financial Crisis: A Three Way Trip

The financial and economic crisis may have very well blown over US. However, there are certain issues that need scrutiny as we proceed. The Congress seems to be getting in on better terms and the employment percentile is standing strong and still. In fact, among all things that happened to the US financial market, the most mentionable are those that have not happened until now. The country managed to stay out of political fission that could have been strong post recession.

However, there are three very important issues. These issues must take a direct scrutiny if we wish to keep US from entering another financial crisis. Financial malfunction is what needs utmost attention. If you observe at the micro level, you can already see the regulators in more avatars that are active. Even risk models are being re-done to accommodate more flexibility.

The debts levied upon private sectors around the world are very much questionable in their defence against a possible recession. In fact the inter national debts and 24h. loan services of countries like the USA have hurt their reserve currency. Not to forget, that the most of the reserve currency of the world is concentrated in the USA.

In addition, we need to initiate a better world body to control our financial issues so that we may not end up with a trade war-taking place. It is observation that all other bodies such as the IMF and G7 failed to do their jobs properly even in their initial operations.

Last, there maybe an inevitable shift of global power from the USA, in an unstoppable fashion. While, if we go by the post recession reaction from our business and political leadership, there is little guarantee that the American leadership would let that change take place without fuss and help in a peaceful way.